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Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, LLC

Teton Springs Resort Membership

In an agreement between the Developer of Timberline Ranch and Teton Springs Resort [presently also operating at the Bronze Buffalo Club], Tree Tops Timberline, LLC, as Developer, has secured and is entitled to a limited number of Teton Springs Resort memberships, for the use by and transfer to those purchasers of Timberline Ranch Lots.

A Bronze Buffalo Club Membership, at the level of your choosing, may be secured with the purchase of a Timberline Ranch lot, and so long as dues for the maintenance of that Membership are paid for in advance. The number of Club Memberships that Developer is permitted to transfer to Lot purchasers are limited, and purchase and re-transfer conditions do apply. See the Timberline Ranch and Teton Springs Resort Terms and Conditions attached below for further details.

Timberline Ranch and Teton Springs Resort terms and conditions (PDF file for download)